My name is Michael Hawkins, I am a journalist living in Scandinavia. Currently I am earning my living as an online marketer and freelance journalist, and for that reason this blog will talk quite a bit about Internet marketing related topics.

Still, seeing as this is my new personal blog and all, I will write about many other topics as well – whatever I feel like. Since I have a tendency to rant a little when I get going I added the OTR – or “Off The Record” – to the blog title. It has nothing to do with secrecy, but I do intend to speak my mind in the posts to come.

In case you are wondering how I came up with such as strange name for my blog, read one of my first rants tell that story.

I hope you will find at least some of the things I write about interesting, informative and/or mildly amusing.

Nuff said, let’s boogie.