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What Is Quality Anyway?

With the entire zoo of updates Google has been releasing over the past year or so, one word that constantly keep popping up is “quality“. Even with the latest “minor weather report about low quality exact domains” that Matt Cutts tweeted about, the prominent keys to one page rankings are said to be relevance and quality. But what IS quality anyway?! This is not as simple a question... read more

SOPA Is Trash

One industry. One mission. To fight the “good fight” against greedy thieves – using ANY means necessary! From the creators of the region coded DVD disc and countless stunningly imaginative lawsuits: SOPA! Coming to all digital devices near you soon! Please excuse the frivolities above, but I just couldn’t’ help myself. Because the Stop Online Piracy Act, and its associated... read more

One Click Solution To IPv6 Compatibility For Webmasters

In this post I will give you a quick and free solution to making sure your website is IPv6 compatible. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry I’ll explain that too. Not in a way that would satisfy a computer geek perhaps, but from the viewpoint of you as a website owner. You see, the protocol that is used for connecting various devices to the web, IPv4, was invented in the 1970s. It... read more

I won the Riff-On contest!

It seems I actually won the Riff-On contest I mentioned earlier, with my participating blog riff on Seth Godin’s article on what customers want. In all honesty though, I think the somewhat light participation in the contest had a little something to do with it… Anyway, I have signed up for Antone’s course on high impact blog riffing, so I hope to get better with this method in the future.... read more

How many of these do internet marketers apply?

Seth Godin has written an interesting piece about three things that clients and customers want. They are: results, thrills and ego. I though I would have a look at how I perceive the average internet marketer is using these. As outlined in the original blog post, the results part is all about: “…offer[ing] a return on investment, an engineering solution, more sales, no tax audits, a cute... read more
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