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I won the Riff-On contest!

It seems I actually won the Riff-On contest I mentioned earlier, with my participating blog riff on Seth Godin’s article on what customers want. In all honesty though, I think the somewhat light participation in the contest had a little something to do with it… Anyway, I have signed up for Antone’s course on high impact blog riffing, so I hope to get better with this method in the future.... read more

Dusting off this blog

I have been neglecting this blog of mine for a long time now, but what better way to get started than with a new post that could win me a copy of a very cool looking RSS application. I will post the article participating in this competition in a separate post, but for the sake of transparency I thought I should mention why I’m doing it. In the best case scenario that piece of software might even help... read more

Start Blogging and Enjoy These Benefits

Why you would want to start your own blog is still an unsolved mystery for some, yet there are actually more blogging jobs online than one would perhaps first imagine. Blogs can be used for anything from writing about the latest gossip you heard and what you had for lunch to effectively promoting various products and services. It is thus not strange that countless of blogs and bloggers are already found... read more

Long Time No See…err.. Post That Is

No posts since January of this year – eek! It would seem that I came very close to committing blog suicide on this domain. I have simply had my head buried so deep with other projects (many of them not related to Internet marketing) this year that I had all but forgotten about this blog. I hope to rectify the situation in the upcoming months. At least I have got going by managing to update the... read more