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How many of these do internet marketers apply?

Seth Godin has written an interesting piece about three things that clients and customers want. They are: results, thrills and ego. I though I would have a look at how I perceive the average internet marketer is using these. As outlined in the original blog post, the results part is all about: “…offer[ing] a return on investment, an engineering solution, more sales, no tax audits, a cute... read more

Clichés And Gizmos Are Nothing Without Real Salesmanship

Copywriting master John Carlton has re-opened his Simple Writing System program this month. In a recent post on his blog he explains why the almost $2 000 course isn’t expensive, and he’s right. More interestingly though, the post opens with an answer he gave on his blog a while ago. If you have ever read or watched John, I bet you have heard him saying something like this: Nothing good happens... read more

Traffic Crusher Dissected

No, this is not a promotion for Mike Filsaime’s and James Kumners new training program called Traffic Crusher (apparently “Crusher” is Filsaime’s new brand or something). Neither is it a review of this product, as I haven’t purchased it. But I did watch their promotional video earlier today, and thought it could be a fun exercise for this Friday afternoon to try and quickly... read more