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My Accidental Blog Deletion And WordPress Backup Lesson

I made a huge mistake last week – I accidentally deleted this blog completely! Ironically enough, I did so because I was testing a new backup plugin. I guess you could say that I involuntarily conducted quite a realistic field test. And I am happy to report that the plugin, called BackupBuddy, was able to save the day. I thought I share what the experience taught me as well as a short review of the... read more

Almost An Auto Blog Samurai Review

A lot of powerful marketers have been promoting a product called Auto Blog Samurai the last few weeks. So I had a closer look and did some research as to what the big push was all about. Given what I wrote in my earlier post on affiliate product reviews, you may find it funny that I haven’t actually bought or used the product. That’s why I wrote “almost”, in the... read more

WebComp Analyst Review

As the first product review on this blog, I’ll have a look at a new keyword tool called WebComp Analyst. But before the actual review, let’s begin with a quick look back on some Internet marketing history. I remember a few years back, when the “Bum Marketing method” was being taught. If you’ve never heard of the term for some strange reason, the strategy basically involve... read more