Great Alternatives To Kajabi

During the past few weeks Andy Jenkins has built the anticipation for and launched a marketing platform called Kajabi. True to his wellknown “Video Boss” style he has produced several videos that are technically brilliant and fun to watch.

But what about Kajabi itself, is it really as good as other gurus like Frank Kern and Mike Filsaime say in their testimonials? How does it compare to some of the alternatives out there?

Kajabi analyzed with Swiss accuracy

Kajabi certainly has lots tricks up its sleeve, some of them rather amazing, and if you are selling one or a few relatively high priced courses or digital products it may very well be a viable alternative.

However, even this powerful marketing platform isn’t without its limitations. Quite literally in fact.

A cool marketer from Switzerland I found just a few weeks ago, Shane Melaugh, has made a very good job of listing some of the reasons you may not want to invest in Kajabi.

In addition to what Shane says, there is another thing that ticks me off personally – the scarcity tactics they use in their promotions. I have received a couple of emails saying that the free trial of Kajabi will be available for a limited time only, and they sort of hint at the fact that they will take on only a limited number of customers.

Is this really necessary for this kind of product? Why would they start turning away customers willing to pay them at least a hundred bucks each and every month? How many hosting companies have you seen do this?

In the mail Andy says that the reason is “the capacity is NOT unlimited… and we’re not going to take more clients than our support staff can handle”.

But at least with amazon S3 the capacity IS unlimited, that’s sort of the whole point!

As I don’t know how they handle their support I’ll let that one slide. But overall I can’t help being a little bit suspicious of the “scarcity” they are injecting here.

Alternatives to Kajabi

Depending on what you want to do online, there are of course many alternative marketing platforms out there that you could use.

Again, our friend from Switzerland has done a very good job of listing several membership and product delivery platforms, comparing them to what you get in Kajabi.

I would like to add another very affordable alternative to the mix: the WordPress eStore plugin.

For a one time fee of $55 you get everything you need to securely deliver digital products in a very efficient and customer friendly way – for as many domains and products you want.

The plugin offers all the essential things you need such as payment processing, autoresponder integration and basic shopping cart functions. There are also add-on modules for running a membership site with several membership plans and a module that lets you run your own affiliate program.

These cost extra but are still VERY affordable. The affiliate module doesn’t perhaps provide the most advanced statistics you have seen, but nonetheless show real time data of referring sites and number of sales.

Currently eStore and its sibling plugins doesn’t allow you to sell through Clickbank or Paydotcom and the ability to do upsells is limited to perhaps providing an offer or discount code on your thank you page.

Other than that, WP eStore is a great alternative for digital product delivery and/or running a membership site.

October 22 Update: I just heard about a product called FusionHQ, that probably is the closest thing to Kajabi I have come across. It offers the same kind of “cookie cutter” aproach. They are NOT open to customers right now, and this isn’t a recommendation. Currently I don’t even know what the price is!

However, if you where seriously considering investing in Kajabi this may be an alternative to keep your eye on. If you’re interested, and willing to risk being exposed to a pitch fest ;-), Yaro Starak is doing a Webinar about this platform next week.

Another Powerful Cloud Hosting Solution

One of the touted “killer app” benefits with Kajabi is its scalability. They claim that the system will be able to handle virtually any amount of traffic you can throw at it, as when doing one of those big launches. Or driving massive spikes of traffic from social media sites like Digg.

Sidestepping the notion that server overload isn’t perhaps such a huge concern for many smaller marketers in the first place, there are other hosting solutions that offer you (at least) the same amount of server horsepower.

One such alternative is provided by a company called Their VPS cloud hosting offer the possibility to seamlessly add and pay for more server resources only when you need them – even if it is just for one day. And they also have something called CDN, which allows you to serve images and scripts at high speeds to users all around the world.

I found out about this solution over at Chris Pearson’s blog  (the guy behind the Thesis WordPress theme). He uses VPS on his blog, and everything on there load at blazing speeds.

The most basic package from VPS costs 20 bucks a month. But you need to bear in mind that what you get here is actually full administration of your own server. It is not a managed service by default.

They do offer pre-built tools for maintaining your server, but if that is still too technical for you they have a managed service plan as well.

With a solution like VPS you can’t get Kajabi of course, but instead you have total freedom to do exactly what you want – virtually without limitations.

6 Responses to “Great Alternatives To Kajabi”

  1. Shane says:

    Thanks for the shout-out!
    Great tips with the WP eStore plugin and VPS Net, both of which I hadn’t heard about before.

    As you mentioned yourself, scalability really isn’t much of an issue for most people, as even a standard shared hosting solution is more than adequate for a few smaller product launches and membership sites.

  2. Cassidy says:

    Hey Michael
    You have left out Traindom ( which does pretty much everything Kajabi does except breaking your budget

    • Mike says:

      Thanks Cassidy – that seems like another interesting alternative that I think I will investigate closer at some point. I particularly like that their pricing seems to be based on the amount you sell rather than how many features you want.

      The music in their video was way too loud though…

  3. Tony Clingan says:

    Hi Mike

    Just going through the final stages of putting a number of products together so really useful information to add to the mix

    Thanks for sharing Tony

  4. Kevin Young says:

    We’re lucky that the options we have available for choosing the best product are limitless. We do have the freedom to choose and good reviews like this one helps us in our decision making. Thanks for making an in-debth review. I’ll go check out Shane’s review as well. Thanks!

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