Traffic Crusher Dissected

No, this is not a promotion for Mike Filsaime’s and James Kumners new training program called Traffic Crusher (apparently “Crusher” is Filsaime’s new brand or something). Neither is it a review of this product, as I haven’t purchased it.

But I did watch their promotional video earlier today, and thought it could be a fun exercise for this Friday afternoon to try and quickly dissect the video they use for marketing purposes.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the video you are greeted by when you first visit the Traffic Crusher website is rather long, well over half an hour. On the other hand, the subsequent sales letter isn’t terribly long as they have sold you so effectively in the video presentation.

I think we are seeing this kind of thing more and more right now. Maybe in the future there won’t be any long sales letters to get through at all, and instead you will have to watch a short movie in order to find out what the product is all about. How long before they cast Hollywood celebrities? 😉

Anyway, the video on Traffic Crusher starts out by talking about how the financial crisis has people everywhere trembling in their boots about loosing their job. The solution they have to this is, of course, the Traffic Crusher system – that they claim will make you recession proof because of the sheer amount of Internet visitors you will be able to drive to your website. In fact, that is the line the marketing campaign of this product has followed throughout. With marketing emails about surviving the economic downturn and whatnot.

I am not so sure I completely buy into that premise. As an example, I don’t quite follow how more traffic to a product for which sales are suffering because of the economic climate would necessarily save the company or person selling said product (too few potential clients may not be the problem) – especially if you are paying to drive that additional traffic. Much less do I understand how this system would save someone from using their actual job, as in working as an employee somewhere.

Nonetheless, playing on the fear of losing something is a very effective persuasion tool and the product Filsaime and Kumner are offering may of course be very good, although their reasoning isn’t perhaps entirely water proof.

On the whole though, I do think that (ahem!) my own ideas about the recession I presented in an earlier post are more stringent (you shameless self promoter, you!).

Paying for Your Traffic

Because apparently the whole idea of Traffic Crusher is to more or less chuck organic SEO out the window and instead focus on getting paid traffic. This portion of the video is presented by James Kumner himself, as it seems he’s the one who came up with this initiative. I hadn’t heard about him before today, and judging by his voice he sounds like quite a young lad. But if he has teamed up with Filsaime, I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

Kumner claims that pay per click marketing such as Google Adwords is the smallest part of this system. Instead he say it is based on PPV (Pay Per View), banner advertising, paid email and CPA (Cost Per Action). He then goes on to claiming that CPA is the most effective one of these. He also shows some traffic stats for the purpose of demonstrating how paid advertising can be turned on and off on demand.

Somewhat surprisingly, it seems that Kumner also want to strike a blow for traditional banner advertising. On the video he claims that it is the most common advertising online and that it is very profitable. This sounds somewhat strange to me, as most other marketers agree that banners generally generate very low click through rates these days. Of course, if it still leads to a positive ROI I guess it is worth investigating.

In conclusion, Kumner say that driving traffic in this manner is “so, easy” and that you “just need to know where to look”.

Of course the real trick to selling something (online), regardless of your source of traffic, is how to produce offers that have a high conversion rate. Incidentally, very little is said about this in the video. But they do make some general promises of helping you to create better converting offers.

All the same, I think Kumner’s part of the video is the one worth watching for its informational value. The concept of PPV was actually new to me, and I may investigate it further in the future.

Tell Us The Price Already

After the explanation of what paid traffic methods will be covered in the course, Mike Filsaime takes over again in order to close the deal. He does so by offering a large bonus package, containing some of his own products, as well as by employing the almost overused trick of greatly exaggerating how much you would be expecting to pay for this offering.

Both of these are of course very well tested strategies that we as customers buy again and again and again, even when we are aware that it is nothing but a sales trick.

However I think Filsaime almost outdoes himself on this one.

First he pumps up the supposed value for the entire package with bonuses to over well over 4 000 dollars. And the he starts reducing this; you’re not going to pay even $3 000 (gasp), not even $2 497 (okay), not even $1 997 (re-he-heally!), not even 1 497 (are you going to tell us or what?), not even 997 (zZzzz…) but you’ll in fact pay “only” $497 (are you kidding?!).

You must excuse the added frivolities in parenthesis, I couldn’t help myself. Because, even if I am aware that presenting you with prices in this manner is a very effective sales trick, I think they did too big a number of it. Especially in video format it simply felt too repetitive.

But since it’s Mike Filsaime we’re talking about, I guess he has actually tested this and discovered that it increases conversions – scary!

The Word Will Get Out, Eventually

As I said I won’t be buying this product, but I must confess that the sales presentation made that mouse clicking/buying finger feel awfully trigger happy – so obviously it was a very well presented sales offer. But I won’t buy it, because quite frankly, I still think the price is outrageous. For example, go to Amazon and see how many of the latest and greatest marketing books you could buy for the same price. And as I really don’t have time to delve into a new course right now anyway, that settled it once and for all. I have bought things that “I’ll review later” one time too many before.

Over time I also think that essentially the same information will be available at a significantly lower price point or even for free, if you are willing to look around a bit.

Nonetheless, it is always interesting to see how the really successful marketers are promoting their stuff. I can consider it cheesy all I want, but if it is effective it is still worth learning from.

If you bought the Traffic Crusher system I would certainly love to hear what you think about the actual product.

4 Responses to “Traffic Crusher Dissected”

  1. bp says:

    Thanks for reviewing this video. I was about to waste alot of time on it. However, the point is a rather good one about paid search. Also, are you planning a review of PPV soon?
    I’ll check back in. Thanks, BP

  2. bp says:

    new link, the other was bad.

  3. Tom says:

    Thanks for your ‘dissection’ of Traffic Crusher. I kinda felt the same way about the video and the bonuses. What I have been noticing lately is the ‘gurus’ out there seem to all be presenting their own self-styled ‘blueprints’ on how to be successful with Internet Marketing. Personally I think it is they are just re-packaging and fluffing up some of the stuff they have already sold in the past. I am sure it is due to the economy and their conversion rates have been dipping like everyone else’s business has.
    I normally do a search for any marketing ‘opportunity’ first and I found your site. Thanks for perspective….


  4. Mike Hawkins says:

    Thanks guys!

    bp – I have to do some more research on the ppv concept first, but once I get around to that I will definitely post my findings on this blog.

    Tom – You’re probably right. However, I want to point out once more that my intention wasn’t to give the thumbs down to this particular product, as I haven’t seen the actual contents of it. But at least I guess we know how Filsaime makes his own business “recession proof”… 😉

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