Battle of the content spinners Spin Rewriter vs The Best Spinner

The best spinner vs Spin RewriterThere have been two fairly big announcements in the world of content spinning software lately. The “industry standard”, The Best Spinner by Jonathan Leger, has been updated to version 3, and there’s a new kid on the block called Spin Rewriter that claims to be the most intelligent spinning software around.

In this post I will briefly compare the two and reveal which one of these spinners I will be using in the future.

Spin Rewriter – 20 Years Ahead Of It’s Competition?

I first heard about Spin Rewriter from a few emails I got from other marketers. One mail claimed that “The Best Spinner was dead” (how original!) and several others proclaimed that from now on the Spin Rewriter is the new best spinner on the market.

And the concept of Spin Rewriter, offered by a company called SmileyTech Solutions, is indeed an interesting one. The most prominent feature is their goal of offering more accurate synonym replacement, by taking the grammar of your sentence into account.

For example, if the word book is used as a verb it should recognize the you mean to book a flight, hotel room or similar rather than the kind of book you read.

It will also adjust the indefinite articles a/an so that they are always correct in your final article. Watch their own video presentation below to get a better idea of what Spin Rewriter is aiming for.

Does Spin Rewriter Really Work?

I know that a lot of marketers really would like a content spinner where you simply hit a button and get spun article variations that make sense and read well.

However, neither Spin Rewriter or the Best Spinner can deliver such a feature. Although making sense is promoted as Spin Rewriters big feature, it doesn’t seem to be very good at understanding what you are writing about. At least not in the brief experiments I have run through it so far.

Let me illustrate by running two simple sentences through the spinner, using their heavily advertised One-Click Rewrite system. The sentence is simple, but designed to test whether the spinner really can recognize what I am talking about.

Here’s the original sentence:

“I decided to write a new blog post on my apple notebook today. After a while I got hungry and decided to have an apple.”

Click the arrow on the boxes below to see the result I got with automated spinning, using the One-Click rewrite of Spin Rewriter with the middle setting and The Best Spinner’s replace everyone’s “better” synonyms

Spin Rewriter Example

I {decided|chose|determined|figured out} to {write|create|craft|compose|draft|produce} {a new|a different} {blog|web site|website|site|weblog|blog site} post on my apple notebook today. After a while I {got|had} hungry {and|as well as} {decided|chose|determined|figured out} to have an apple

The Best Spinner Example

I {decided|made the decision|determined|made a decision} to {write|create} {a new|a brand new} {blog|weblog} post on my apple notebook {today|these days|nowadays|right now|currently|now}. {After|Following|Right after|Soon after|Immediately after|Just after} a {while|whilst|although|even though|though|when} I got hungry and {decided|made the decision|determined|made a decision} to have an apple.

As you see, both spinners produce something that would definitely make the average reader raise his or her eyebrows and go “what?!”.

Although some of it makes sense, things like “I had hungry as well as figured out to have an apple” or “Following a although I got hungry” definitely stick out like a sore thumb – effectively ruining the illusion of a properly written article.

“Me Tarzan you Jane” sounds like Hemingway in comparison.

Pigs live in sties, not sheepEven the sales video of Spin Rewriter contains an interesting demonstration of the inherent weakness of this generation of content spinners. In a sentence about sheep they show how the spinner recognize the word “pen” as an enclosure for animals rather than a writing tool, and then they include the word “sty” as a synonym… an average first grader might retort that it is pigs that are kept in sties – not sheep.

Even wikipedia knows that “sheep are kept in mobs in paddocks, in pens, or in a barn.”.

Search engines may or may not notice nuances like this, but many human readers certainly will.

What About Using The Spinners For Real?

By now someone might point out that automation isn’t the way to use a spinner for getting decent content in the first place – and I agree. But since that is partially what is promised by both these spinners, I thought a quick illustration of what you actually get was appropriate.

I may cover content spinning techniques more in depth in a future post, but for now suffice to say that grabbing an existing article and only modifying it by replacing certain words with synonyms doesn’t make it unique.

By using a mix of rewriting paragraphs, sentences as well as individual words and phrases you can get articles that reads fairly well and may be considered unique by the search engines.

You have to do this manually or semi-automatically though, and here the usability of your spinning software plays a very important part.

And in that department The Best Spinner beats Spin Rewriter hands down. With The Best Spinner you have things like project management, color coded spintax, spell checker, content uniqueness checker and more to make your job easier.

And personally I prefer to use a desktop application like The Best Spinner over an online interface like Spin Rewriter.

When it comes to synonyms and phrases to select from, The Best Spinner also draws the longer straw. Although I like Spin Rewriter’s feature of choosing synonyms according to different meanings, it is still slower to find words that really fit in with you are saying. Replacing phrases is easier in that regard, but at the time of writing Spin Rewriter seem to offer much fewer phrase suggestions than The Best Spinner.

And The Winner Is…

The Best Spinner still the reigning champ, so far...In my opinion The Best Spinner is still a software worthy of its name. In most respects it is currently a better choice than Spin Rewriter.

However, it is worth keeping in mind that Spin Rewriter has just been released. And since it is constantly improved with new features and a growing thesaurus it may perhaps become a good alternative in the future. From what I can remember, The Best Spinner also produced rather lackluster results in its earlier days.

Only time will tell how “smart” Spin Rewriter really can become. Due to the complexity of the English language I am sceptical and curious at the same time. I will use the application from time to time to see how it is improving.

The guys behind Spin Rewriter are acknowledging the fact that their product is still learning, by offering it at a 50 percent discount to the 2000 first users. So if you are interested in trying it out, now is a good time as far as pricing goes.

For the time being though, the main software for most of my article spinning is definitely The Best Spinner. The newest version comes with a new user friendly interface and features that makes it easier to work with large quantities of content.

17 Responses to “Battle of the content spinners Spin Rewriter vs The Best Spinner”

  1. Ana says:

    Try review rewriter demon, I think that would beat the best spinner.

  2. Kevin Young says:

    There’s no doubt that The Best Spinner is still considered as the best spinning software. However, as more and more people use Spin Rewriter it is expected to have significant improvements.

  3. Steve says:

    Dude have a look at Spinchimp. They have been doing grammar matching for months, and the usability is even better than TBS :)

  4. Luigi T. says:

    Yep tried Spinchimp and its synonym database seems to be derived from a human brain. Spun articles are so readable because of its “parts of speech” processing engine.

  5. Honestly , i think the best articles spinners would be to do it manually , without any software help!

  6. Shannon says:

    Since The Best Spinner has the bells and whistles, I will wait for it to add the unique feature like Spin Rewriter. TBS I’m sure is working on the grammar technology. And when it succeeds, it will still remain “The Best Spinner” IMO.

  7. Joseph says:

    I agree,do it manually would definitely beat any kind of spinner and as well it shows your real skills in writing.

    • Mike says:

      Nobody would dispute the fact that insightful, well written and 100% unique articles are the best.

      What spinners offer is to make the job of rewriting and re-purposing articles for additional SEO value easier. They promise to make the job semi-automated and quicker – it is in that context I have reviewed them.

  8. Kevin says:

    The problem with the Best Spinner is that it’s PC-only, which is really annoying to us Mac users! Would anyone say that Spin Rewriter is the best one that works with both Mac & PC?

    • Mike says:

      Indeed, there seems to be few “Internet marketing applications” like this that are Mac compatible. Using something that runs in a browser is one way to solve this.

      At the time of writing though, if I was on a Mac, I think I would prefer running Windows (through Bootcamp or whatever the latest best method is) and Best Spinner on it.

  9. Our client just suggested to use Spin Rewriter.He said it was very intuitive. I’d like your team to use it and give me feedback. A trusted source swears that it will replace BS

    • Mike says:

      Spin Rewriter has seen some improvement lately, but if you want to semi-automatically make sure that your spun text reads well (really the only way to do it right now) I still find it clunky and slow in comparison to the Best Spinner.

  10. Catherine says:

    One advantage of Spinner Rewriter is that it allows to be used on multiple PCs which is unable with The Best Spinner :)

  11. As someone who provides a professional quality spinning service the sales letter of “spin rewriter” caused an odd taste in my mouth. (Let me tell you straight away that we did NOT use/test “spin rewriter” yet).

    The claims of how this tool can produce “real” content is absurd since no software EVER can grasp the nuances of a language which are required if you do manual spins. No software can “understand” a piece of content and the facettes of language. I want to see the day when you can do an “auto spin” and can product high quality content and i have every reason to doubt the claims in the sales page. The examples given here in the review are proof enough. If you do NOT manually spin it will be garbage, and the only difference is that some software might produce “less” garbage…but it will still be garbage.

    Furthermore i think that the “5 day trial” claim in the sales pages is very ominous, not to say “shady” marketing. I can’t see anything “free” if its required to subscribe via credit card…”5 days free and then yearly billing”..i am still missing where the “free” part is..essentially making it impossible to test the outrageous claims on their sales page without giving out credit card information. VERY shady marketing in my personal opinion.

    The maker of this software is more than welcome to provide proof to ME that his software is on par to the manual spinning we do for our clients – sadly i cannot validate his claims due to his silly so called “free” trial period which is not free, in my opinion.

    If he could provide proof that this spinner would be indeed so good and great as is claimed on the page, i would be the first to buy this since it would basically make our work here much, much easier :) We have clients which are very picky..otherwise we would simply auto-spin all our orders :)

  12. John says:

    If your not in for the automatic one click spinning, then is the best spinner online and easy to use. Its like a web based version of thebestspinner. First of, professional spinners don’t use one click automation, so its useless to focus on that. When I spin, I focus spinning on paragraph level, then, sentence, and lastly word level. And TBS and CP makes that process so much easier for me. However, I often use CP, since I do my spinning when theres nothing to do and I’m at work.

    • Mike says:

      Then you will no doubt be very familiar with how time consuming (and often mind numbingly boring) producing quality spun content is.

      As all mentioned spinners, including Content Professor, make quite a number out of “one click systems that make tedious article writing a thing of the past and will generate hundreds of unique new articles in seconds”, I think it is relevant to point out that in reality that is not the case.

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