Deceptive Affiliate Product Reviews Hurts Everybody Involved

I must confess that I have just about had it with product reviews you find online, that aren’t really reviews but poorly disguised affiliate sales pitches. You probably know what I mean: You are considering to buy product X, so you decide to google the term “product x” or perhaps “product x review”. Skimming through the first few pages of results you usually find dozens of sites that are... read more

Affiliate Marketing Product Selection – A Forgotten Aspect?

A while ago I watched a video from an online marketer. In his hands he held a set of DVDs, an affiliate marketing product he had chosen to promote, and he sincerely recommended that the viewer – his own subscribers and customers – invest in the material that was on those DVDs. Certainly nothing wrong with that strategy so far. Only he forgot one very tiny little thing – the spread of DVD... read more