Deceptive Affiliate Product Reviews Hurts Everybody Involved

I must confess that I have just about had it with product reviews you find online, that aren’t really reviews but poorly disguised affiliate sales pitches. You probably know what I mean: You are considering to buy product X, so you decide to google the term “product x” or perhaps “product x review”. Skimming through the first few pages of results you usually find dozens of sites that are... read more

Affiliate Marketing Product Selection – A Forgotten Aspect?

A while ago I watched a video from an online marketer. In his hands he held a set of DVDs, an affiliate marketing product he had chosen to promote, and he sincerely recommended that the viewer – his own subscribers and customers – invest in the material that was on those DVDs. Certainly nothing wrong with that strategy so far. Only he forgot one very tiny little thing – the spread of DVD... read more

Swedish Logical Fallacies about File Sharing

I watched a debate on Swedish television the other night, it was about P2P networks and the Alliance government’s new plans of giving record companies and the like rights to hunt down individual file sharers and sue them. From the view of personal integrity this is of course a problematic issue. But what I found even more perplexing was that there is absolutely no reasoning with those who hold the... read more