How many of these do internet marketers apply?

Seth Godin has written an interesting piece about three things that clients and customers want. They are: results, thrills and ego. I though I would have a look at how I perceive the average internet marketer is using these. As outlined in the original blog post, the results part is all about: “…offer[ing] a return on investment, an engineering solution, more sales, no tax audits, a cute... read more

Content Will Be King In Solving Newspaper Crisis

I read an interesting editorial in the local newspaper the other day – it was about the great challenge newspapers and other printed media has to deal with in the decades to come. According to a professor emeritus of journalism, Philip Meyer, the brand of the printed newspaper has perhaps never been stronger – professional journalism of this kind is still broadly seen as very credible,... read more

The (Really Short) Skinny on Google Annihilation by Rob Benwell

I have received many email promotions about a new traffic and SEO membership product by Rob Benwell, called Google Annihilation. I haven’t had time to even look at the sales page until just now, and I did a little quick research about what some who bought this product have to say. In short – I will definitely not be buying this product, and I don’t recommend that you buy it... read more

Affiliate Marketing Product Selection – A Forgotten Aspect?

A while ago I watched a video from an online marketer. In his hands he held a set of DVDs, an affiliate marketing product he had chosen to promote, and he sincerely recommended that the viewer – his own subscribers and customers – invest in the material that was on those DVDs. Certainly nothing wrong with that strategy so far. Only he forgot one very tiny little thing – the spread of DVD... read more

Merry Christmas With Internet Marketing Presents

As I am soon off to spend Christmas with the family, I just wanted to give any readers of this relatively new blog a couple of Internet marketing related Christmas presents. The gifts are two “old skool” books that you can start reading right now, free (I am actually using the word as it is described in the dictionary) and without any strings attached. The first one is the book Unleashing the... read more
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