ShowTime’s Bullshit – An Aptly Named TV-Show

During my lazy time this weekend I watched an assortment of episodes from the Bullshit tv-series starring comedians/magicians Penn&Teller. I think the show is really entertaining and that you can actually learn a little bit about various persuasion techniques (something most marketers are interested in) by watching the show. But I wouldn’t recommend that you take everything said on the show as... read more

Black James Bond a Great Idea?

I just read in my newspaper that Barbara Broccoli, the current producer of the James Bond movies, said something along the lines that – as there is now a black American president, there might just as well be a black James Bond. I didn’t know this, but it seems that the same thing was actually discussed back in 2004 when there where some rumors that the colored actor Colin Salmon would step into... read more