Daniel Craig is Great as James Bond!

As I, in my earlier post about a black James Bond, said that some people think the latest Bond movies where almost a bit too pretentios, I would like to go on record and say that I actually do not agree with that notion. I saw the newest Bond movie, A Quantum of Solace, during the weekend and I thought is was rather good. Some people have hinted that this movie somehow is “too sad” to be a Bond... read more

Black James Bond a Great Idea?

I just read in my newspaper that Barbara Broccoli, the current producer of the James Bond movies, said something along the lines that – as there is now a black American president, there might just as well be a black James Bond. I didn’t know this, but it seems that the same thing was actually discussed back in 2004 when there where some rumors that the colored actor Colin Salmon would step into... read more