Net Neutrality – They Just Don’t Git It?

I rarely update this blog but now there is a topic where I have to blow off some steam. And hopefully point any would be visitors in the right direction. The topic is net neutrality. Here goes: Have you gotten accustomed to using the internet on a daily basis during the last decade? Would you say it is an important medium for you? Do you appreciate the fact that YOU get to choose which websites, services... read more

ShowTime’s Bullshit – An Aptly Named TV-Show

During my lazy time this weekend I watched an assortment of episodes from the Bullshit tv-series starring comedians/magicians Penn&Teller. I think the show is really entertaining and that you can actually learn a little bit about various persuasion techniques (something most marketers are interested in) by watching the show. But I wouldn’t recommend that you take everything said on the show as... read more

Adventures in Domain Name Registration

Okay, so here comes the first rant for this brand new blog – so hold on to your hats dear readers (yes, both of you). When I was trying to register an appropriate domain name for this blog, I encountered the same samba dance of annoying issues I always have when registering a new domain name: 1) Type in the name I came up with – after having one of those light bulb moments – at my... read more