Battle of the content spinners Spin Rewriter vs The Best Spinner

There have been two fairly big announcements in the world of content spinning software lately. The “industry standard”, The Best Spinner by Jonathan Leger, has been updated to version 3, and there’s a new kid on the block called Spin Rewriter that claims to be the most intelligent spinning software around. In this post I will briefly compare the two and reveal which one of these spinners... read more

My Accidental Blog Deletion And WordPress Backup Lesson

I made a huge mistake last week – I accidentally deleted this blog completely! Ironically enough, I did so because I was testing a new backup plugin. I guess you could say that I involuntarily conducted quite a realistic field test. And I am happy to report that the plugin, called BackupBuddy, was able to save the day. I thought I share what the experience taught me as well as a short review of the... read more

The (Really Short) Skinny on Google Annihilation by Rob Benwell

I have received many email promotions about a new traffic and SEO membership product by Rob Benwell, called Google Annihilation. I haven’t had time to even look at the sales page until just now, and I did a little quick research about what some who bought this product have to say. In short – I will definitely not be buying this product, and I don’t recommend that you buy it... read more

WebComp Analyst Review

As the first product review on this blog, I’ll have a look at a new keyword tool called WebComp Analyst. But before the actual review, let’s begin with a quick look back on some Internet marketing history. I remember a few years back, when the “Bum Marketing method” was being taught. If you’ve never heard of the term for some strange reason, the strategy basically involve... read more