One Click Solution To IPv6 Compatibility For Webmasters

In this post I will give you a quick and free solution to making sure your website is IPv6 compatible. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry I’ll explain that too. Not in a way that would satisfy a computer geek perhaps, but from the viewpoint of you as a website owner. You see, the protocol that is used for connecting various devices to the web, IPv4, was invented in the 1970s. It... read more

The (Really Short) Skinny on Google Annihilation by Rob Benwell

I have received many email promotions about a new traffic and SEO membership product by Rob Benwell, called Google Annihilation. I haven’t had time to even look at the sales page until just now, and I did a little quick research about what some who bought this product have to say. In short – I will definitely not be buying this product, and I don’t recommend that you buy it... read more

The World’s Most Expensive Free SEO?

Although I didn’t end up buying Traffic Crusher I discussed in my last post, I do think that paid traffic is something that every serious online entrepreneur should look into. In fact, I have a feeling that many of us are so hung up on traditional SEO – ranking at the very top of Google that is – that we actually end up paying through our nose for all of that “free”... read more